Like many people over the last 12 to 18 months I’ve decided to change lanes when it comes to my career. I was a bartender for years, and I’d like to think I was okay at it since I was promoted to supervisor when a new venue opened up in the casino I worked at. Bartending was a fun job. The hours and money were decent, and the people were usually fun... usually. If it weren’t for California’s lockdown during the pandemic I might still be in the industry.

But with extra time during quarantine I found that for the first time since I was a student I had both the means and the time to throw myself into learning something that has always fascinated me: cyber security. In a world that is more and more online, learning how to defend ourselves and others from malicious actors is so important. Everything from major infrastructure to smart-home devices can be targeted, as we’ve seen in the recent attacks on the Colonial Pipeline and JBS SA.

In this blog I’ll be documenting things that I have learned over the last year or so and what I continue to learn moving forward about cyber security. I recently graduated from Flat Iron’s cyber security program and am still working on my skills through certifications on individual programs like Splunk as well as more general ones like CompTIA security+. The things that I find fun, or challenging, or even just interesting will be posted here as a record of my journey into an exciting new industry.