Showing Off

I know I’m just starting on this journey into cyber security. There is still tons for me to learn. But today I was able to show off a little and teach a family member some cool stuff in the process, and it felt pretty good.

Learning to use the command line interface has been a lot of fun for me. Even when I’m doing simple things, if someone happens to see it looks a lot like the fancy hacker stuff you see in movies. So today I was working on locating a file for a wargame, when my Dad walked by and asked how things were going.

“Pretty good. Want to see something cool?”

I had just about finished the command, so I hit enter…. and it didn’t work. Well shucks.

“Maybe if I change this…? No that didn’t do it. This? Nope…..”

After several more adjustments than I was hoping, (and noticing a spelling error) the file was located.


“So….. what did you do?”

“I used a virtual machine to connect to a server at another location and find a specific file on that server based on who had access to it.”

This was met with a blank stare. After explaining what a virtual machine was and how it was used I was able to explain the ssh connection to the other server. Then I explained the CLI command I used to locate the file.

“And I can do this all from a remote location.”

“That’s pretty cool.”

Yeah. I think so too.