Kali on My Mind

Zachary Wilson
2 min readAug 23, 2021


Even Baby Monitors Aren’t Safe

DigitalJournal.com published an article this week about baby monitors that had been shown to be possibly vulnerable to malicious actors. Hackers may be able to access live audio or video feeds from these devices (depending of course on capabilities). Even more worrisome: the vulnerability is not limited to specific manufacturers because it is a flaw in the software used by multiple vendors.

To me this is just the latest in a long line of stories about smart devices possibly being used for round-a-bout access to a network or even to spy on people in their own homes. Webcams that can be accessed without being manually turned on, or doorbell cams that can be watched by strangers. This stuff gets scary fast. Even smart cars aren’t immune. Some vehicles have been proven to be vulnerable to being shut down remotely, even while on the freeway.

While its not realistic for many to just not be connected to the internet, it may be worth asking just what we allow to be connected and how. A camera on my doorbell facing the street doesn’t make me nearly as nervous as the webcam I use for Zoom meetings or the Alexa device in my room.

And then what about in professional settings? Knowing exactly what devices are on your network is one of the first steps to being able to prevent unwanted access to your network. And as more and more devices become smart devices, more and more has to be taken into account when planning for the worst. It may be worth looking into if a malicious actor could shut off the AC in a server room, or if electronic door locks could be shut off. As we become more reliant on smart devices we become more vulnerable as well.